Hi, I'm Amanda Liaw!

Washington, DC / Singapore

Things I'm excited about:

  • Storymaking to build community and ideate new worlds

  • Art as critical connections

  • Food, gardening, and learning about the land I move on

  • Dancing to find magic in the body

Open Master's

The Why
I'm embarking on an Open Master's plan because I want to learn about philosophy, psychology, history, marketing, anthropology, linguistics, systems thinking, economics, political theory, religion, and how they all intertwine. I want to learn so that I can feel more confident in myself and my place in the world.
The What
I'm interested in delving further into topics such as feminism, queer theory, transhumanism, rhetoric, meritocracy, colonialism, slavery, storytelling, social movements and revolutions, and inspirational leadership. This 2020-21, my curriculum is based on these four seasons –

  • Fall | What defines humanity?

  • Winter | How do stories of the past shape the way we think of ourselves?

  • Spring | When do systems begin to change?

  • Summer | Why do we believe?

I do my best to write about my learning journey on my Substack, Eryday Philosophy. I'd love to further these discussions with you!

Seeking Recommendations
If you have texts, films, and/or other multimedia resources to recommend, please reach out to me by email. At the moment, I'm looking for further resources on Buddhism and Epicureanism, in particular, but I always welcome recommendations for any topic. If you're interested, I'm also happy to share the curriculum I've collated. Thank you!


What I'm learning and doing, interested to learn and do:

What I've done and learned, been learning and doing:

  • Stage Management with Trojan Event Services

  • Filmmaking through high school and college, including AVID and Final Cut Pro editing skills

  • Basic Web Management through personal and professional experiences, using Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, and DreamHost (web hosting)

  • Graphic Design at PEN/Faulkner using Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate

  • Email and Social Media Management at PEN/Faulkner and the Goldhirsh Foundation through Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and using Hootsuite and Later

  • CRM and Donor Management using Little Green Light and Give Lively, and including familiarity with payment processors Square, Stripe, and PayPal

  • Funder Research through Foundation Directory Online and GrantStation

Personal Work